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Yet Another Project! Now I take on North America!

The Photobooth Finder launches in USA/Canada

The Photobooth Finder USA and Canada

A little after the fact but very exciting news nonetheless: Photobooth Finder has launched in North America and now offers the same great photo booth rental comparison service for our USA and Canada cousins.

When I came up with the idea for a valuable lead generation service for photo booth operators and launched it back in 2014 it was always my intention to expand it worldwide. (assuming of course it went well! lol) Knowing how big a task it was going to be I thought it best to hone the service in my native Australia before taking it to the UK and then moving onto North America.

Nothing ever goes to plan and any of you who have been following my journey might recall a copycat popped up and stole my idea, name (and content at the time) in the UK hence now that my Australian site is getting great traction and has become a valuable service I thought it a great time to skip ahead and launch in the USA/Canada.

As it often the nature of the digital beast there was a lot of unexpected work involved in expanding. A new website on a new URL including a slight re-brand to “The Photobooth Finder” as the .com URL was taken and the current owner wanted some beyond silly amount for it so I simply added “The” and used that money to make the additional changes required like localising aka “lacalizing” all the content. For example Americans use “inquiry” where we use “enquiry”, “vendor” where we say “supplier” and of course use “z” where we use “s” and a hundred other little things need to be changed to ensure it makes sense for them. In a way it’s actually worked out quite well with the re-brand as the slight difference makes it easier in many ways to distinguish which project I am working on at any given time.

Just a few days after the official launch in March I attend the worlds biggest Photo Booth Expo in Las Vegas and exhibited The Photobooth Finder and made some amazing new photo booth industry friends. The Photobooth Finder was well received and whilst it is not the only one the USA/Canada it is unique in many ways that make it stand out from the others and I am very proud of it.

Happy Boothin!

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