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Who the hell is this guy!!???

So right now many of you will be finding me for the first time and wondering who the hell is this guy who is calling himself an Australian Photo Booth Industry Leader?

Well, I am just a guy from Brisbane who for nearly 5 years (2010 – 2014) ran his own photo booth hire business. I struggled with all the same frustrations and issues I still hear to this day from operators (read more about that here) but I have decided to do something about it which will benefit all the good eggs.

When I started my business there were only 3 other photo booth operators in Brisbane. I always made sure to give fantastic customer service and my business was the only one offering “unattended automated traditional photo booths”. We also had the advantage of being part of an already successful franchise from Sydney which we could leverage against. So it was super easy to get business even though hardly anyone outside the wedding industry knew about them.

In my first year we did nearly 60 hires and charged good money (average package price was $1100) but quickly the competition grew and I had to start lowering my prices to compete whilst my costs were going up. To offset this I added 2 more booths and continued to adjust my package pricing and managed to continue to grow turnover and profit however it took a hell of lot more work to do it relatively speaking than it had before.

In the meantime the competition had grown to 80+ other operators servicing Brisbane! And we were no longer the only operator with unattended booths. Our point of difference was gone and I was constantly being asked to discount my prices to match some of the inexperienced new competitors. The same competitors who were starting to give the industry a bad name by not looking after their clients and having low quality booths! It used to do my head in and I wasn’t the only operator feeling the frustration.

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Fun Times Testing in the Photo Booth

It was around 2013 that I started to think how good it would be (at least for those of us who were good operators) if there was a proper comparison site to allow the public to truly understand how we were all different not only in prices and styles of booth but more importantly levels of customer service and quality of our booths. I wanted to create something that would not only benefit the public and the good operators but at the same time play a part in pushing out the bad eggs.

I believed so completely in the idea and how it would help the industry that in 2014 I sold my photo booth hire business which was quite successful (100+ hires a year, turnover of 90K) and bank rolled my plan. Photobooth Finder was born.

If you are one of the good photo booth operators who want to better reach your target market in a cost effective way whilst seeing positive changes to our industry then join me and help me shape a better industry for all of us who truly care about it.

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