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What Happens In The Photo Booth Does Not Stay In The Photo Booth!

For anyone who has ever been in an enclosed photo booth you will know that exciting feeling you get from being a bit silly or even a little naughty hidden behind closed curtains with people standing less than a metre away who have no idea what you’re up to! Add to this then, if you will, your drink of choice and you have a recipe to create some compromising photos. However the first lesson of photo booth club is that “What happens in the photo booth does not stay in the photo booth!”

Photo booths have been around long enough that most people should know by now that every modern machine saves a digital copy of the pictures taken in a photo booth. Thinking that you can you simply keep all printed copies and no one will ever know what you got up to is simply not going to save your bacon. If you are silly or drunk enough to not let this stop you then be prepared to be ok with other people seeing what you did and any potential implications or bribery that may result.

I had automated unattended photo booths and was never at any events to discourage rowdy behaviour like other photo booth operators so pretty much anything went in my photo booths. As part of my job I quickly eyed over every saved picture file post event to ensure there were no problems with my photo booths during an event and also to ensure copies were correctly extracted and saved onto a CD or USB for my clients. I never played censor and always gave a hirer every picture, no matter how tasteful or inappropriate, to them. There are a handful of events which I did that stand out and highlight the fact that that what happens in the photo booth does indeed get seen.

So lets have a look back at some standouts from what happened in my photo booths……

School Formal Naughtiness – For the most part schools were very well behaved as there were teachers on hand to keep them in line. However I did notice from early on an interesting trend particularly among graduating girls. I like to call it the “Miley Cyrus” as she is very well known for it but for those of you that dont know what that is, basically girls would poke their tongues between their index and middle fingers in a lesbian gesture. On occasion there were a few sneaky pashes in the booth too. Not sure how the teachers reacted when they got the copy of the nights pictures the following week but sure would have been interesting to see their faces!

School Formal Photostrip

Strip Club Staff Party Nudity and Sex – Every now and again some of South East Queensland’s premier strip clubs hired one of my booths for their staff parties. I hate to stereotype but I did fully expect more than just nudity and I was not wrong! Let’s just say that my booth saw more strip club nudity and sexually charged action in one night than I have in my entire life! The staff always had an absolute ball and from the look of the pictures no one was inhibited in the slightest!

Staff Party Photostrip

Music Festival Drugs – In the early days we did a number of music festivals in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast like Big Day Out and Good Vibes. These events would often yield some very interesting pictures as well as leave my booths requiring some elbow grease to clean them. More than once I found empty zip lock “baggies” stuffed into my booths and had a pretty good idea of who they might have belonged to by the people doing drugs whilst having their pictures taken!

Surprisingly only on one occasion did I receive a phone call post event from a concerned photo booth guest who wanted me to delete their compromising pictures. She was an employee of the venue and had jumped in the booth right at the end of the night to hook up with a wedding guest and was so distraught at the potential implications of what she had done that I agreed to delete the shot for her.

All in all I saw some pretty crazy stuff take place in my little photo booths but overwhelmingly people were very well behaved but if you’re going to get your freak on in a photo booth just remember “What happens in the photo booth does not stay in the photo booth!”

Happy Boothin!


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