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Time for another new project! Booth Cover

So it’s not like Im not busy enough running Photobooth Finder and organising BoothCon but for the last 10 months I have been also working (rather slowly) on getting another project off the ground: Booth Cover

Booth Cover is a 100% dedicated photo booth industry insurance business. We only look after the insurance needs for photo booth operators and other industry suppliers like photo booth manufacturers. Because of this fact we can offer a truly customised photo booth industry insurance something no one else offers.

I had the epiphany for this project in late 2015 whilst brainstorming during an entrepreneurial course at Little Tokyo Two in Brisbane. I have always used an insurance broker to get the best deal and advice about protecting what’s important. When I was running my photo booth business this was no different. A penny saved is a penny earned. But from talking to other local operators there seemed to be quite some confusion about what insurances they actually have/need and also the pricing being offered by run of the mill insurance products didn’t always fit the bill for the photo booth hire industry. Many insurers simply didn’t understand what we did let alone how to insure us.

So I approached my broker Steven Nelson, who is also one of the directors of the biggest brokerages in Australia Oracle Brokers and with his skill as as underwriter and broker and thanks to his contacts in the major insurers we have created industry specific insurance cover at great rates.

We have been trading for a little while now and I am pleased to say we are already saving photo booth operators money. Evan from Flashback Photobooths in Sydney saved over $1000 from his last policy and that’s just the beginning.

Our new website is due for completion by October 2016 and I am extremely proud of this new product and know it’s going to help photo booth operators all over Australia.

Happy Boothin!

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