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Photobooth Finder is Taking Off

I’m particularly pleased to report my Start up business Photobooth Finder is gaining some serious traction and is well and truly taking off. Whilst it’t not my first business it is the first that is 100% mine unlike the successful photo booth franchise I was previously part of.

It has grown from an idea seeded in my mind back as far back as 2012 to a fully fledged and functioning website with no operators and no revenue in late 2014 to become Australia’s largest network of Photo Booth operators with over 215 member operator listings with a revenue that is showing amazing promise thanks to a number of website and business model tweaks along the way.

Recent Google data (read the related blog) confirms everything with hard data but sure makes it easier to prove to photo booth operators that Photobooth Finder works. Thank god for Google Analytics!

Photobooth Finder logo

The feedback from many of our operators has been amazing. Particularly for the newer operators who find themselves way down the bottom of the Google website rankings. Photobooth Finder has been able to put their businesses on show and generate real traffic, leads and booking for their business at an extremely affordable rate.

To say that I am immensely proud of what Photobooth Finder has achieved in it’s first few years is a massive understatement. It has been an immense effort to not only make it successful (way harder than I imagined) but to prove to operators that you don’t have to pay expensive directories silly money to reach your target market. Instead you can be part of a free to list dedicated photo booth network and pay just for leads and be far more effective and targeted whilst saving a heap of cash.

Happy Boothin!

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