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Photo Booth Expo for Oz you say? Yeah Ok. Ill organise it!

As you all know I am passionate about the Australian Photo Booth industry. I’ve never been one to shy away from a challenge so I’ve just put my hand up to organise the first ever Australian Photo Booth Expo. (I’m crazy yeah?)

For the last few years our American cousins have had their own photo booth expo and from all accounts it has been a great success. From April 11-13 this year around 2 thousand “boothers” from over 30 countries descended on Las Vegas. It wasn’t just a traditional trade show there were seminars and master classes to teach and share information. The attendees of course left poorer of pocket having bought lots of new products but richer in knowledge having learned a little something from the industries best.

Expo Sign

As someone who is intent on improving the public perception of my industry and helping make things better for all the good photo booth operators I know by taking on this role I can have the biggest and most positive impact on that goal. The best way to do this is to teach the photo booth operators how to be better. Better at customer service, running their business, making money and attracting success.

I will be treating my Australian Photo Booth Expo more like a 2 day conference with a trade show element than it being your average expo. From all the feedback I have been getting over the years from member operators of Photobooth Finder and from people who have attended past expos this is what they really want so I am going to deliver it.

I have set the date for the 17/18th January in 2017 to be held in Brisbane and with the help of some great industry colleagues and plenty more late nights from me the rest will come together over the next 8 months. No doubt this wont be the last time I mention it so keep posted!

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