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PBX Las Vegas 2019 Recap

Holy Moly! Having been twice previously you would think I’d have gotten used to the awe inspiring event that is PBX but no. Even on my third time around I still come away from it thinking OMG! Why? Because it’s just so damn huge!!!

How huge? Four thousand boothers from around the entire globe representing 18 different countries. The majority are of course from the USA but countries like the UK, Canada, Germany and Australia are very well represented along with some of the minnows like Brasil, Peru, the Netherlands and the Philippines.

Testing out one of the Booths at PBX

So why do so many people go to PBX? Well boothers are there for many reasons. There is of course education by the way of a mix of Seminars and Master Classes in addition to a Trade Show but for me the main reason to go is for the networking. If it wasn’t for the contacts I have made over the years there is no way that my event BoothCon would have had the success it has so far. I have been able to attract an amazing array of speakers and exhibitors because of the friends I have made in the wider industry at PBX.

So if you’re reading this and you have never been to PBX get your butt out to Las Vegas in Feb 2020 and Ill see you there!

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