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Now offering – Photo Booth Consulting

At the start of the month I had another photo booth operator come to me looking for a mentor and consulting. Whilst not adverse to this it had never been on my radar as an official gig even though boothers contact me all the time wanting to pick my brain and bounce ideas and I had done it on a casual basis for a couple of boothers since about 2014.

I have always enjoyed helping people and giving generously without expectation of something in return. However with so much on my plate these days with BoothCon, Photobooth Finder Oz, Photobooth Finder North American and Booth Cover¬†it’s getting increasingly harder to justify the time spent doing it. Like everyone I have bills and financial obligations to meet so whilst at first the idea of charging to help others seems foreign it also made a lot of sense.

In everything I do I want to bring value to my clients so my rate is just $100 + gst/ hr and you can book a session of any length in half an hour increments. The initial chat (up to 30 mins) is completely free, during this time we can discuss what you need help with and Ill assess whether or not I can be of value to you before formulating a plan of action for you and your business.

If you want to pick my brain and are happy to pay a small fee then get in touch –¬†

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