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How I became a Photo Boother

Back in 2009 my wife and I were knees deep in planning our 2010 weddings (yes weddings! One in Europe and one in Australia) but were also thinking about the next phase of our lives. We decided that financial freedom and work flexibility were important platforms for us both to attain before we started a family.

Around this time a good friend of mine had been harping on about the photo booth hire business he had in Sydney and how it was going so well he was going to leave his high paying engineering job to focus solely on it. He had already expanded his brand into Melbourne and Newcastle with other friends taking on franchises and he wanted me to do the same in Brisbane. Initially I was skeptical cause unlike today photo booths weren’t yet popular in the mainstream sense. Not to mention that starting your first business is a big leap and being a good German (my wife) and a good Virgo (me) we plan everything we do meticulously and with great thought. However all the things he was telling me really resonated with what we wanted to achieve as a couple and what I wanted to achieve personally.

After months of backwards and forwards chatting more about the opportunity I verbally committed to coming on board but made it clear I wouldn’t be able to start until after the weddings. We were first getting formally married in Germany and then after the honeymoon in Asia would be back in Australia to do it all again here albeit in a less formal setting (aka our backyard!). Being a good friend he was fine with that but may not have taken me seriously or at least he was itching for someone to grab a hold of the amazing opportunity he saw cause at the reception I heard him talking to a mutual friend and offering the franchise to him! I was quick to assert my place in line and as the reception wound down we sat with beers in hand discussing the next steps!

A franchise agreement was drawn up and within a matter of days a booth and a custom trailer had been ordered and we were officially going to become photo booth operators! We were so excited, if only we knew what lay just around the corner, but more on that another time….

Happy Boothin!

Reception without a photo booth

The moment I overheard “my photo booth franchise” being offered to some one else!

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