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Building A Life On A Dream

For any one that knows me personally  knows that I have always been doer and a dreamer. Luckily for me the “doer” part far outweighs the “dreamer” but without one the other wouldn’t be possible. This desire to get things done to create a certain outcomes has led me to where I am today.

As a child growing up on Sydney’s northern beaches I witnessed first hand what happens when dreams crumble. My step fathers business went under due to staff fraud, he went bankrupt and as a result we could no longer afford to live in Sydney and the whole family was moved to Murwillumbah in far northern NSW. I was 11 at the time and never imagined living anywhere else other than Sydney with all my friends but then suddenly I find myself in this backwards town attending a public school where every local kid called us posh! Posh! I was a lot of things as a kid (cheeky, potty mouthed, loyal and full of beans) but posh was never one of them. Sure I wore shoes with brand names on them, knew how to speak English properly and had a full set of teeth but I was far from posh!

So for me and my entire family a lot of dreams were shattered with that move. My sister and I lost all our friends, my parents their livelihoods. However from that set back other dreams became real. In Sydney we could never afford to own a house but far from town my parents were able to finally afford a house and we started a new life. The house was a quaint little A frame on 27 acres of rain forest and it was all ours. It wasn’t easy at first but then change never is. As time went on and my parents both worked long hard hours things got better, my sister and I started making friends and we were able to move to a bigger house closer to town and my step dad became a partner in his firm and for a while things were great for my family.

But as life is want to do, things change, and before too long our dreams where shattered once more when I was about 14 and my mum was diagnosed with an aggressive Melanoma. Her first doctor told her to get her affairs in order as he thought her time was pretty well up. Not being prepared to accept that she sought a second opinion. The next doctor was slightly more optimistic and a treatment was devised. I wont go fully into it here but after some major surgery and medication she survived that first scare and 3 or 4 subsequent major cancer events since including one that took her right to the edge just a few years ago. But what I want to tell you about her is all the way through she had a dream that kept her going despite everything. At first it was that she wanted to see her kids grow up and then more recently it was that she wanted to see her grand kids grow up.

I too have a dream for my life. One I started to formulate way back when I was a kid seeing my parents struggle through their adversities and hardships. Whilst the way they dealt with it at times paid off with financial rewards not nearly enough did it equate to both of them being able to spend quality time with us kids. I also believe the financial stresses on my mum were the trigger for the cancers which would go on to plague her for the last 20+ yrs. So for me that dream was to work smarter to afford not just the things money can buy but more importantly the things that money allows you, namely time. Time to spend with your kids, time with your wife and time to do the things that truly make you happy.

I bought my first property, a small mistreated townhouse when I was 23 for $110K not to make money but because it suited my lifestyle and I knew it was a smart move.  I sold it for more than double that less than 10yrs later. I bought a photo booth business for 40K because it suited the lifestyle I wanted. I worked hard to make it great and then sold that less than 5yrs later for double too. I have never chased money in anything that I do instead I have always looked to do things that suit me, keep me motivated and maintain a certain lifestyle and level of happiness.

I have been a stay at home dad since 2013 whilst running and growing my businesses so I can spend as much time as possible with my daughters.  I may not currently be financially rich but I have created a situation whereby I can give myself time with my wife and kids and that is what’s most important to me.

If you want your dreams to come true then you got to  do the work. So get out there every day and make it happen.

Happy Boothin!

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