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BoothContent Launches at BoothCon and PBX

The Photo Booth Industries first dedicated Photo Booth Educational streaming service “BoothContent” has launched!

BoothContent / BoothCon stand at PBX 20 Las Vegas

The first official announcement was made at BoothCon 20 held January 15/16 in Brisbane Australia. With a bigger to-do made for PBX to coincide with the release of the site. Speaking to many boothers at the trade show this is what I had to say about it:

This is the educational service that the industry has been waiting on. It’s Netflix for Photo Boothers and gives boothers from all over the world the ability to access all the Seminars and Master Classes from the industries best photo booth expos!

Justin Jowett

I have been filming all the Seminars and Master Classes for the last 3 BoothCon’s then offering them as digital downloads. In that time I have seen the appetite for this content grow and grow. With this in mind and knowing that digital downloads always had the downside of taking ages to download and then were not readily accessible for watching as they were gathered “digital” dust sitting on a hard drive somewhere.

So that’s when it was clear to me that the future was streaming. Giving not only Aussie boothers access to BoothCon but the world. In beginning to build the infrastructure to facilitate this it dawned on me this service would be even better if the worlds biggest Photo Booth Expo: PBX was also on board.

So I shared my vision with Rob Savickis and Bob Lindquist who were both immediately on board and soon enough I had even more content than I knew what to do with as Julia Martinez also joined us with her Strong Womens Photo Booth Conference.

As I write this blog the site already had a bunch of subscribers despite the impact of the Corona Virus on the world industry. I have no doubt that in time as things return to normal this will become the premier source of all photo booth education but for now I am very pleased with how it’s been received and really now is the time when boothers need it the most!

So, if you’re reading this go check it out, its full of amazing content to help you booth better.

Pete, Justin and Owen. 3 Aussies in the US at PBX 20 living the dream!

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