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BoothCon: Ready for Launch


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It’s crazy to think that just 8 short months ago BoothCon didn’t exist and now it’s less than 1 month till the first of a hundred and twenty or so industry colleagues all converge on Brisbane’s Exhibition and Convention Centre to attend what is hopefully the first of many BoothCon’s to come.

As I take a well deserved break to write this personal blog and look back at what has been achieved I do so with massive pride cause I don’t mind telling you that it hasn’t been easy. There were a few heart stopping moments when things happened that made me think albeit ever so briefly that this pipe-dream of mine wasn’t going to work and I’d have to explain to my wife and kids why daddy was selling off our valuables to pay back debts!

I am so grateful to the fabulous host of exhibitors and sponsors who have backed me and my vision to raise the bar on the Australian photo booth industry as well as all the photo booth operators who are supporting the event by travelling from all over to attend. In particular I have massive admiration and respect for all the speakers who are giving up their time to impart their wealth of knowledge to those attendees. It’s them that bring the true value to the event.

So I guess what I am trying to say is that I couldn’t have got BoothCon to this point without a lot of help from a lot of people. Aside from a last minute disaster everything has come together nicely and is on track to make BoothCon successful enough to start planning another one in 2018.

In the meantime I am so looking forward to meeting so many other passionate members of the photo booth community and sharing stories, swapping ideas and lending a supportive ear to anyone and everyone who needs it.

Happy Boothing!

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