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Boothcon | Australian Photo Booth Expo

What a whirl wind the last 4 weeks have been for me personally and for the upcoming Australian photo booth expo .

In that time I have with the help of the Australian photo booth community decided on a date and duration 17/18 Jan 2017, a name “Boothcon” (credit to Steve Bliesner) and then a logo (credit to Vlad Nielsen). Using the feedback from many community members about the American photo booth expo I committed to the direction of our expo with the focus to be on quality educational content for photo booth operators to help them improve themselves and their businesses.

With the mandate clearly set I then set out to create a website which clearly reflects this. I toiled away for a days writing content and with the help of my wife’s design skills and Vlad Neilsen’s website building skills we collaboratively were finally able to launch the official site last Monday the 9th May 2016.


Boothcon 2017

Boothcon. An educational event for photo booth operators

Thanks to the early support of Red RobotThe Wilkes Booth Co and my own business Photobooth Finder the site went live with the first official sponsors, exhibitors and speakers already on board.

The early feedback has been overwhelmingly positive and in the ensuing few days since launch we have had a number of other companies commit to exhibiting like DNP Photographic and Photosnap. I have had half a dozen people contact me about speaking at Boothcon which is fantastic the harder part will be narrowing down the right people to give expert advice and guidance to our attending photo booth operators.

Registrations have so far been promising, with 7 months still to go before the event starts there is a real chance I will have to upgrade the venue space a few times before we settle on the best fit but with the Brisbane Exhibition and Convention Centre I have a great choice and flexibility so Boothcon is well poised no matter how big this beast ends up!

Till we next chat, Happy Boothin!



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