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2018 Where Did You Go?

It’s mid Oct and Im sitting here thinking where on earth did the year go? This is the first chance I have had to sit down and write a blog on my personal site since Aug last year and I am a bit disgusted in myself for that fact but then I think back to everything that has transpired since then and I have to go easy on myself! lol

Let’s see, so the second BoothCon happened in Sydney in Jan of this year and it was a huge success. The event grew by approx 15% from the previous year and the feedback was so overwhelmingly positive. In fact just a week or so ago I had a boother from New Zealand, who made the trek over, contact me out of the blue to tell me that even 8 months after the fact she is still reaping the rewards of having attended with her business going gangbusters. This came at a vital time for me as organising the event can be a lonely process and sometimes you wonder if all the struggles to bring it altogether are worth it but feedback like that proves it is. When you make a difference to other people you make a difference to the world and that is really heart warming cause we all have our struggles and we all need help.

In around May I sold a majority share of Photobooth Finder to another boother. It was a hard decision but with so many projects on my plate and less and less time for my young family it was clear I needed to clear the decks a little and the opportunity arose to hand it over to a very capable man whom I had come to know within the industry so I have done so knowing that it is in good hands. Of course I am still involved in a silent partner kind of way so I haven’t given it away completely.

I took on a few new consultancy clients during the year. I haven’t really pushed this but rather it has grown organically which is nice cause I know these people really value my input and often it is a welcome distraction to talk about other boothers businesses than being in my own all the time.

Booth Cover has grown amazingly since it launched and we have hundreds of boothers from around Australia who trust us to keep their businesses protected with our photo booth insurance policies.

Aside from that I was at PBX in Las Vegas this year and spoke to a few hundred boothers on Target Marketing. My talk was well received and I am booked to speak again next year which is exciting. I think I will talk about how I blogged my way to page 1 of google across the entire country for Photobooth Finder. This method saved my business thousands of dollars and is a very underutilised method of SEO so I am looking forward to sharing that with lots of boothers. At PBX I also exhibited at the trade show for both BoothCon and PBF and as always met loads of really cool boothers from all around the world.

Well I might leave it there I have to go and collect my kids from daycare now but I hope to be able to make this blog a bit more regular again but please don’t be upset with me if I don’t I may just be working on another new project! lol

Happy Boothin!


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