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About Me

Justin Jowett is a leader in the Australian Photo Booth Industry having been involved in the industry since 2010.

He is the head organiser of the Australian Photo Booth Expo “BoothCon which will takes place in January every year (Brisbane 2017, Sydney 2018, Melbourne 2019, Brisbane 14/15 Jan 2020). The main focus of the expo is to provide valuable education and motivation to photo booth operators to achieve greater success in their businesses. There is also the latest photo booth industry products and services on display at the trade show.

He is also a photo booth industry speaker and has regularly spoken at both BoothCon and the US Expo “PBX” in Las Vegas where he is known to speak on Target Marketing, Customer Relationship Management and Blogging Your Way to Page 1 on Google.

He runs a consultancy service for any new or experienced boothers who want help with their businesses whether it be a general health check, bouncing ideas, learning from his module based education program or generally have someone who knows the industry and they can trust to give them sound advice on all things photo booth business related. To learn more visit the Photo Booth Biz Consulting Tab via the Menu.

He is the Co-owner and advisor to Booth Cover the only 100% dedicated photo booth industry insurance company which launched in mid 2016. Booth Cover offers expert insurance advice and policies to meet the increasingly custom demands of the photo booth industry something no one else was catering to. Justin got involved in this as he wanted to help ensure photo booth operators businesses are properly protected and their risks effectively managed so they can get on with what they do best, photo boothing.

He is dedicated to helping empower photo booth operators around the world with a transparent and cost effective lead generation solution he created in 2014: “Photobooth Finder”(Australia) and “The Photobooth Finder (USA/Canada). This online photo booth finding service is creating valuable connections between those looking to hire a photo booth and local photo booth hire operators. The Photobooth Finder platform does this by giving brides, party holders and event planners a free search, comparison and enquiry tool, saving them time and money in the often confusing search for the perfect photo booth for a wedding, party or corporate event. Conversely photo booth operators are given a niche market place to showcase their businesses and attract new business in a highly transparent and valuable way. Justin no longer owns or runs either Photobooth Finder service however wholly endorses these as still being valuable tools for the modern boother.

Prior to Photobooth Finder he ran a successful photo booth business for nearly 5 years in Brisbane, Australia. It was during that time he saw the industry grow exponentially and it quickly became apparent to him that there was an opportunity to make a difference for both consumers and photo booth operators hence he stopped competing and started helping.

He also has extensive experience in customer service having worked in a number of different roles on and offline. A large part of his pre photo booth career was spent managing various travel agencies which allowed him to combine his love for travel with his passion to help.


Years of Photo Booth Experience
Photo Strips on the Fridge
Happy Photo Booth Operators



Photo Booth Education Streaming Service

  • Seminars and Master Classes from PBX, BoothCon, Strong Womens PB Conference and more!

Consultant / Teacher

  • Photo Booth Business Consulting and Educational Services

Co Owner / Advisor

  • Providing dedicated photo booth industry insurance
  • Protecting Australian photo booth industry businesses


  • Organising the very first Photo Booth Expo in Australia.
  • The expo takes place every January

Owner/Head of Operations

  • Running an online photo booth comparison and enquiry directory. Photobooth Finder creates a valuable market place to connect potential photo booth hirers with local photo booth operators.
  • I personally am involved in all areas of the business from customer sales and support, client acquisitions, website administration to marketing. At present we are just a small team of photo booth enthusiasts trying to make a positive difference to our member operators but the plan is to take this thing global!


  • Photo booth hire for weddings, parties, corporate events and school formals
  • New client acquisition, delivery, set up and removal of photo booths
  • Venue and key contact liaison
  • Customer service and 24hr tech support
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Stock control and ordering
  • Expo stall set up and exhibiting
  • Accounting and reporting

Photo Boother

  • Market research in preparation for running a photo booth hire business
  • Test driving various photo booths



BoothContent is the worlds no. 1 source of Photo Booth Education (Seminars, Master Classes) and Instructional videos from PBX in Las Vegas, BoothCon in Australia and Strong Womens Conference in Las Vegas as well as inspiration content from Behind The Booth and PBNTV.



Justin Jowett has been the organiser of Australia’s Photo Booth Expo: BoothCon since 2016. The next BoothCon is happening in Brisbane 14/15 Jan 2020.

BoothCon is more than your average industry event. It is a place where photo boothers from all around Australian and NZ can come together to learn, share, network, socialise and shop for the best that the local and international photo booth industry has to offer.

Booth Cover

Booth Cover

Finding the right insurance at the right price is never an easy task. Back when Justin was boothing he was lucky to have a broker who understood the risks involved and ensured Justin’s business was covered. However it was clear that this wasn’t the case for all boothers. Off the shelf cover and many brokers and insurers were being selling inferior policies leaving boothers unprotected and with insufficient cover should they need it. Together with his business partner Steve Nelson Booth Cover was conceived and a unique scheme created to ensure all boothers could be covered properly: Booth Cover was born.

Photo Booth Biz Consulting

Photo Booth Biz Consulting

Justin offers new and established photo booth operators exclusive photo booth industry business consulting services. Be it a general business health check, bouncing ideas, learning from his module based education program or to have someone trusted who knows the industry to give you sound advice on all things photo booth business related Justin can help you.

Justin’s Module based education program includes the following topics:

  • Marketing Like a Pro
  • How To Generate More Leads
  • How To Rank Page 1 On Google Without Paying
  • Growing Your Referrals
  • How To Give The Best Customer Service

New and custom modules are being created for existing clients as they are required.

To reach out to Justin for help with any other non technical facet of running your photo booth business reach or just for a no obligation free chat to learn more about how he can help you:


Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker

Justin’s welcome address at BoothCon 2019 in Melbourne

Justin has years of experience on stage as an MC for BoothCon as well as a Guest Speaker at Photo Booth Expo (PBX) in Las Vegas and at BoothCon in Australia.

He has spoken on a number of topics including Target Marketing, Customer Service, Relationship Building and the extremely well received “How To Blog Your Way To Page 1 Of Google”.

Justin at BoothCon 2019


Prior to starting a booth business, I tried blogging and it did not go 
very well. At the time, I lived in Florida and was a member of the 
Florida BlogCon and attended every convention for 3 years trying to make 
headway into the business. I sat through keynote speakers and seminar 
after seminar every year trying to crack the code. In one 45 minute 
session with you, however, I learned more about blogging then I did in 3 
years with that group.

I am a bottom line, nuts and bolts kind of guy and your presentation was 
perfect for me and I just wanted to take the time to thank you for 
sharing that information with us. I am sitting down today to create my 
blogging plan and will get started on it right away.

Thanks again!

Stephen Yates (Eastside Selfies)

Justin giving his Blog talk at PBX 2019 in Las Vegas

Book Justin As A Guest Speaker

If you would like to get in touch with Justin about an upcoming speaking engagement please reach out to him justin@justinjowett.com.

PBX Seminar Room Las Vegas 2019
Photobooth Finder

My Project

Photobooth Finder

Photobooth Finder is Australia’s number 1 photo booth website that gives the public a free search, comparison and enquiry service.

The free service went live in Jan 2015 and is the brain child of Justin Jowett. Having worked in and around the Photo Booth Hire industry since 2010 he saw the amazing growth that the industry had experienced. This growth whilst exciting for everyone already involved actually made it harder for existing photo booth hire operators to compete as hoards of new operators joined the marketplace and profit margins began to quickly shrink as a price war ensued.

Equally harder became the ability for the general public to find and choose the most suitable photo booth hire operators for their wedding, birthday party, corporate event, school formal or charity event as the choice grew from a handful per city to in excess of 100 in Sydney, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Melbourne with Perth and other cities close behind.

As far back as 2012 Justin started planning his exit from the photo booth hire franchise he was then a part of. The tipping point came in early 2014 with the timing right and the idea well formed he sold his photo booth hire franchise and used every penny to bankroll a much bigger and involved beast: Photobooth Finder.

Australia’s No.1 Photo Booth Directory







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